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Reservation Instructions:

In order to confirm your hunt, please download and print out a copy of our Reservation Forms (above). Complete and sign the forms for every hunter in your party. The deposit required to confirm your reservation is 50%. Make the check for the deposit to: Story CCO. We do not accept credit cards. The balance of your payment is due on arrival. Mail the deposit and the completed form to the address below.

Please mail your reservation form along with a 50 % deposit to:

P.O. Box 55, Emigrant, MT 59027. All must have original signatures.

Licensing Instructions:

You can purchase your license online with a credit card. The deadline for application is March 15th. If you want to purchase an elk and a deer tag, you need to apply for the Nonresident Big Game Combination license.

If you want to purchase only the elk tag, you need to apply for the Nonresident Elk Combination. You do not need any special permits for our hunting district, HD 314. The Montana FWP website licensing system is relatively easy to understand and follow. Once you are in the system it gets more streamlined to apply. If you have multiple hunters, you can choose to apply as a party, but it is not required. Please contact us if you are having difficulty.

This is the Montana FWP website:

If you have questions, please call:

Mike Story 406 223 1548

Zach Pleshar 406 223 7914