The Montana hunting seasons can be warm and enjoyable or they can be extremely cold and wet. You should have enough clothing to stay warm in zero degree weather. I prefer layers to a one-piece suit. The guides and I use wool pants and shirt and some type of quiet coat, usually wool, snow packs, and gloves. Here’s a partial list of things you might need.

Necessary Items:
Hunting license
Fluorescent orange hunting vest, the quiet cloth type
Rifle and bullets
Extra gloves
Personal medications
Hiking boots and wet weather boots
Cold weather gloves and coat
Daypack: large enough to pack a lunch, water, knife, flashlight and some other gear.

Extra but Not Necessary Items:
Sunglasses and suntan lotion
Hand warmers
Rangefinders and other hunting devices
Book to read
Spotting scope
Leatherman or other multi-tool

Items Not Needed:
Sleeping bag and pillows
Extra rifles

bath tub

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