The Montana rifle season starts the last week of October and runs through November.

We offer six-day hunts and 6 hunters per week is our maximum. Our rifle hunts are based out of the main lodge which has all the amenities of home. Over 30 miles of logging roads enable us to access our hunting areas efficiently. A typical day starts with a spot and stalk hunt in the morning from a four-wheel drive accessible point. The evening hunts are usually done from one of our established stands at feeding areas or travel routes.

We can offer a quality hunt to anyone of any physical ability through our extensive road and trail system. However, as with any hunt, the better shape a hunter is in will increase their odds for success. The main stay of our business is the elk hunting.

We practice a 6 point or better management policy here on the Story Ranch. 

We have maintained a harvest rate of 50% of mature bulls since we started that management in 2007. We also carry an opportunity rate of 80% on 6 points. We consider a legitimate opportunity a miss or a pass on a mature bull within reasonable rifle range.

For hunters that purchase a combination license, we offer Whitetail Deer hunting on our Yellowstone River and lower Fridley Creek areas. Mule Deer are harvested only at guides discretion.

In order to maintain the quality and integrity of our hunts, we have a number of policies we enforce.

You are already aware of our 6 point policy on elk. We have this management in place to increase the number of mature bulls in our area. This policy is perhaps the most important key to our consistent success. Hunters and guides will be held accountable for immature bulls harvested.

Mule Deer hunting can be a conflict with our elk hunting, resulting in our policy of Mule Deer being harvested only at guides discretion.

We are also harvesting only trophy class mule deer. A Mule Deer that is harvested without the permission of a guide will result in a $1000 trophy fee.

We have a first blood policy on the Story Ranch as well. A wounded animal is considered that hunters animal for the hunt. We will do everything we can to recover the animal, but regardless of the outcome, we consider that hunters license only valid for that particular animal.

We do have a low wounding rate here, and we attribute that to our emphasis on ethical shots taken at reasonable ranges. We consider 400 yards to be the maximum ethical shot. We have a rifle range on site that we will visit with all of our hunters to make sure the guns are sighted in correctly and build confidence with the shooters. Along with being in the best physical condition possible, being proficient and confident in your weapon is the most important preparation you can do for this hunt. We take these policies seriously, and we appreciate our clients doing the same.

2018 Season Dates
Week 1 October 19-25 Full
Week 2 October 26- November 1 Openings
Week 3 November 2-8 Full
Week 4 November 9 – Openings
Week 5 November 16-22 Full

$5500 for a 2 on 1 hunter to guide hunt
$6500 for a 1 on 1 hunter to guide hunt

Mike Story 406 223 1548
Zach Pleshar 406 223 7914