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Archery Elk Hunts on the Story Ranch, Montana

The Montana archery season starts in early September and runs into October. We offer three hunts from mid-September through the first week of October. To ensure the quality of the hunts, we center the weeks on the peak elk rut in our area. Our maximum capacity is 4 hunters per week and we offer 6 day hunts.

We believe that archery hunting during the rut is the ultimate elk hunting experience.

We utilize our spot and stalk techniques along with bugling and cow calling to get bulls into archery range. Though most hunters prefer the calling aspect of the hunt, we do incorporate tree stands and ground blinds at water holes and wallows into our daily hunts when necessary. As with our rifle hunts, we access our hunting areas by four wheel drive vehicles and hunt on foot from those launching points. Though we have great access to our hunting areas, we encourage our clients to get in the best physical shape possible for this hunt.

We operate out of a four wheel drive accessible camp on the Story Ranch. 

Hunters stay in platform decked 14 by 20 foot wall tents with wood stoves. We have a cook cabin which is the central and social area and is where all the meals are served. Verna Sene, our expert cook for the rifle season for over 15 years, is now with us for the Archery season. We have on demand running hot water at the cabin for clean up and showers. The camp is very practical and comfortable.

Our 6 point policy at Story CCO has greatly improved the quality of the bulls in our area. Many archers do not see noticeable numbers of immature bulls. The majority of our satellite bulls are 6 points. We carry a 5 year average kill rate of 40% with our archery hunters and an opportunity rate of over 80%. We consider a legitimate opportunity to be a miss or a passed up shot at a six point bull within 40 yards. This is a high quality hunt and archers are in striking distance of bulls every day.

In order to maintain the quality of our elk herd and the integrity of our hunts, he have a first blood policy here on the Story Ranch. If a client wounds an elk, that is their elk for the hunt. We will do everything we can to retrieve the animal, but regardless of the outcome, we consider your license only valid for that animal. Unfortunately, wounded elk are common in the archery world. We take pride in our low wounding rate. We attribute that to our rules of engagement. We do not want archers shooting over 40 yards. Shot angles are also crucial with elk. Dead broadside and quartering away are correct and ethical shots. Quartering towards the hunter shot angles are unacceptable. We want our clients to succeed and believe these rules are imperative to that. We take these rules seriously, we appreciate our clients doing the same.

2015 Hunt Dates

Week 1 September 12 - 18 Full

Week 2 September 19 - 25 Full

Week 3 September 26 -October 2  Full


$5000 for a 2 on 1 hunter to guide hunt

$6000 for a 1 on 1 hunter to guide hunt

Mike Story 406 223 1548

Zach Pleshar 406 223 7914

2015 Season Dates

Archery Week 1 ~ September 12-18  Full

Archery Week 2 ~ September 19-25  Full

Archery Week 3 ~ September 26-October 2  Full

Rifle Week 1~ October 24-29  Full

Rifle Week 2 ~ October 30- November 5  Full

Rifle Week 3 ~ November 6-12  Full

Rifle Week 4 ~ November 13-19  Full

Rifle Week 5 ~ November 20-26 Full

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