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Spring Bear Hunts on the Story Ranch, Montana

The Montana Spring Black Bear season starts in mid April and runs into June. We have over 20,000 private acres to do a spot and stalk hunt for spring bears. We offer 6 day hunts and two clients per hunt is our maximum. The spring bears in our area have good quality fur and we also have good color variety.  In the state of Montana it is illegal to bait or chase bears with hounds, so we enjoy a more traditional bear hunt where the use of optics is our best tool. This hunt is very spotting intensive, and guides and hunters spend the majority of the day behind glass. Spring bears in this area will spend a lot of time grazing on the fresh grass of southern exposures in an effort to clean out their system from the long winter and gain nutrition. We focus our spotting efforts in these areas and a hunter can expect to see multiple bears before one is found to harvest. Once the right bear is spotted, then a spot and stalk hunt will be attempted. Rifles and bows are legal for this hunt. 

We hunt out of  a comfortable cabin on the mountain, or out of the base lodge depending on the conditions.  We access the hunting by the use of four wheel drive vehicles or ATV's.  An extensive road and trail network allows us to cover the ranch efficiently.  Though we have very good access to our hunting areas, hunters are advised to get in the best physical shape possible for this hunt.

Every spring in Montana is unique. Due to the large variables in weather and timing, we do not set dates for our spring bear hunts. Instead we choose to customize our dates and hunts according to the weather and how active the bears are. On hard winters bears might stay in their dens well into May. On mild and open years they could be out in mid April. We try and set the hunt dates on the best possible windows per year. We limit the hunt to a couple of hunters per season, so that allows us to be picky on dates without having scheduling conflicts. Hunters with a reasonably flexible schedule are at an advantage. We are also flexible on lodging and cooking options. Some hunters prefer the main lodge amenities and a full service cook. Others prefer the spike cabin lodging and making their own meals. We will customize your hunt to your specific needs and preferences. Please call us and we can discuss your options and put together a great Spring Bear hunt.

$4500 for a 1 on 1 hunt

Zach Pleshar 406 223 7914

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